You started your business with the aim of growing into something incredible. In order to be able to thrive in your industry, you need to have customers. Without customers, you cannot turn a profit, and you cannot expand the way you want to. The more customers you have, the more money you make, the more you can diversify – it’s a chain reaction, and it’s one that you should want to be a part of in 2021. Whether you are selling in a brick and mortar store or not, you should still have an online shop where you can extend your reach to your customers.

Selling online may not have been in your initial plan, but today the world is more digital and modern than ever before. The possibilities for selling online are huge today, and the only struggle you should have for selling online is where to begin. Promoting your business in 2021 is easy with the range of choices you have to get your products out there, so let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can promote your business this year.

Google Shopping

If you want to stand out from the competition, then Google Shopping is an excellent place to begin. When you use Google to promote your business, you will capture 90% of the potential consumer market – as that’s how much of a market share Google has. The advertisers who choose not to use Google Shopping won’t use it because of a lack of knowledge. It makes Google Shopping far less competitive than other options. It’s an excellent way to start advertising your products online if you don’t want to begin in a saturated market. If you have an attractive product, then Google Shopping will be where people can find your products they search via the search engine.

Instagram & Facebook Shops

If you consider how many times you click on and off Instagram and Facebook throughout the day, extend your thinking to how often your customers may be doing the same thing. Instagram and Facebook shops are right there under your thumb all day long, and with the right photographs and hashtags, you can list your products on the shops, and they will appear on the search for each user. By engaging on social media with your products, more people will see them, share them and be able to link back to your business website to view even more products. It’s a great way to sell your products, and that also leads us to…

Influencer Marketing

You cannot scroll through your Instagram or Facebook stories without seeing “ad”, “affiliate”, “gifted” tags all over the stories. When someone has a large following, big brands often approach them and ask them to promote products – and you can do that, too! You can approach influencers who work in the same sphere as your industry and ask them to promote your products. Their huge following will see them, and you can sell even more and get your name out there.

Customer Reviews

Are you trying to drum more sales? Well, then you need real reviews from real people. Asking a targeted group of people to test and review your product honestly will help more customers to want to buy your product. Think about it: when you want to go on holiday, you check TripAdvisor for hotel reviews, or if you’re buying goods you may check Trustpilot right? You trust those reviews because they came from real people who have had real experiences, and that makes a big difference to your decision to buy. So, if you have real customer reviews on your website, you’re going to be able to sell your products to those looking for it as they’ll feel empowered by the words of previous customers.

Prioritise Facebook

The largest social network online needs your careful consideration. You need to consider that you can keep in touch with your current customer base and reach even more customers with just one platform.  Promotions on Facebook have to be a priority for you as you can vary these promotions based on your budget and your customer network. You can use events on Facebook to get people involved in seeing your products live in action. You can use business pages to add targeted content and plenty of calls to action to possible customers. You can even run Facebook videos and live sessions with tutorials of how to use particular products and what your business looks like behind the scenes.


You know that eBay is a massive platform for sales, so why not take advantage of it for your products that you are selling online. You can ask your marketing PR team to manage your eBay account and take note of the sales you make, and you can reach thousands – if not millions – of customers when you use it. eBay has a vast reach, and it’s one of the largest online stores there is. If you list your products correctly on eBay, you will be more visible to customers than ever!

Vinted & Shpock

Apps are a convenient way for people to browse the internet and search for specific products they are looking for. If you know that you can find many of your customers using Vinted or Shpock, then ensuring that you become a seller is a smart idea. You can list and describe products, and you can measure your data and learn where your customers are buying from. You can also post items for sale, talk to customers and close a sale quickly. Apps also enable your customers to pay for their product, and you then get paid quickly, too. If you learn exactly where your customer base likes to shop, you can approach them directly and ensure they are buying what you’re selling.

The key is learning how to approach your customers and know what they are looking for the most. You want to be the type of business which grows online, and with our help, you can do precisely that! Take a look at what we can offer today and start selling online.